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"TX Pharmacist's Discovery Paralyzes & Destroys Scabies BUGS On Contact -- Then Gently Restores YOUR Smooth Healthy Skin -- & It's Guaranteed To Work For You or It's FREE!"

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Donna from Arizona.

After a few trips to my OB/GYN and getting a prescription to take care of that embarrassing odor... which would finally take care of the problem a week later, but then I would wind up with a mouth full of canker sores and a yeast infection the following week, needless to say I was getting a little annoyed.

It became a lose - lose situation and thought I would just have to deal with this situation a few times per year.

Not only was that odor embarrassing when it came down to being intimate with my husband, but it was also a major inconvenience.

As most women know, this is not a hygiene issue or being "dirty" , bust just a pH imbalance in our bodies that we are so lucky to get every once in a while.... as if our periods were not enough.... but it makes us feel dirty and very insecure.

I was very skeptical when I found Dexoprin on the internet. To be honest, I felt that it would not even work.... even the money back guarantee or the several other testimonials were not sway factors for me. But out of desperation and not wanting to go back to the doctor's office, I tried it anyway.

With my fingers crossed and nothing more than high hopes.... not more than 24 hours later.... Poof..... GONE!!!!

Talk about doing the happy dance.... my husband and I would love to thank you so much for your "miracle" product.

I will even be your billboard girl if you ever need one. People may squirm at the price, but believe me ladies.... it is 200% worth every penny!!!!

Donna in Mesa, AZ

I am sooo happy you found this site! Why?

Because just like you, I was plagued with Scabies. But, I’m here to tell you there is a way to put an end to your nonstop itching and suffering that I can’t wait to share…

I suffered through the endless itching, rashes, and soreness of Scabies.

It seemed to come out of nowhere, but for weeks after it started, I couldn’t stop itching…those tiny red bumps covering my body…I was scratching day and night.

But, that has all changed…

To be honest with you…I was embarrassed with my Scabies because I felt like I was dirty…how else could I explain what was wrong with me?

My whole body itched constantly. I was afraid that I was going to spread my Scabies to other people. And, I was even becoming so self-conscious that I wouldn’t go outside…I was just so miserable.

I was losing sleep because I couldn’t stop scratching. Then, almost worse than that, was the feeling that something was crawling under my skin, and—since I refused to use the prescription my doctor ordered because it seemed to burn my skin— I had no idea where to turn, so I sucked it up and suffered in silence.

When I couldn’t stand the itching any longer, I finally did use the prescription. Despite the burning feeling, it seemed to work at first, but then the itching and infestation got twice as bad.

Since you have Scabies, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about—the itching, the embarrassment, and the desire to get better, but no matter what you do, you just end up feeling worse…you know exactly what I mean, right?


Scabies are highly contagious and can easily spread to your family, children, and friends. Scabies and the traditional harsh treatments may leave you with open sores or burns that are a breeding ground for infection.

If your home is infested you and your family can contract Scabies again and again. Do you have Scabies and don’t know what to do?

I’m so happy you’re here today because I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer any more…

No more endless itching so bad that it’s driving you crazy!

No more sores from where you’ve scratched your skin raw!

No more anxiety and frustration and sleeplessness that have plagued you as long as you’ve had Scabies!

If you’re done with Scabies driving you crazy with the itching, the sores, and the embarrassment…then keep reading and discover how to finally feel normal again…no more itching, no more pain, no more feeling trapped in your own home…get rid of all your symptoms in just days…like they never existed in the first place.

I’m here to help you get back the life you deserve. There is no reason for you suffer needlessly for even one more day.

"Do any of these symptoms sound familiar..."

Do you feel the need to itch constantly, with the itching seeming to get worse at night?

Is your skin covered in little bumps, blisters, and sores—often showing up in a line or a curved “track”—both from the allergic reaction to the Scabies under your skin and the nonstop scratching?

Do you find any of these signs of Scabies in the following places: between your fingers, in the creases of your elbows or armpits, around your waistline, on your genitals, and even on your neck, the palms of your hands, or the soles of your feet?

Do you experience severe discomfort from the infestation?

Is it difficult for you to concentrate because you are always thinking about the mites burrowing under your skin?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I want to help you...

Scabies is a totally treatable condition. But, because doctors continue to use outdated and ineffective treatments, many victims go uncured…having to experience infestation after infestation because the so-called treatments never get the root of the problem and don’t eliminate the mites or their eggs…thankfully, you don’t have to suffer any more.

Before reading any further, you must know one thing…it’s very important that you take the time to read this… understand it… and take it to heart:

If you are suffering from the constant itching, pain, and embarrassment of Scabies, you are not at fault.

Anyone can contract Scabies. It’s so easy to catch Scabies all you need to do really is come in contact with someone who has Scabies already, or come in contact with their clothing, their belongings, or even a chair they were previously sitting in.

It’s not your fault you still have Scabies.

But, do you realize that everything you have been told about Scabies treatments is out of date? Scabies have become immune to over-the-counter treatments.

Basically your doctors are putting pesticides on you and your family that are doing nothing but burning your skin and making the Scabies mites stronger.

But, despite what your doctor might have told you, Scabies is not just a bothersome bug, it can have devastating effects on all parts of your life.

Did you know that, if left untreated, Scabies can cause life-threatening illnesses like rheumatic heart disease?

That’s why Scabies is not only bothersome, but also can be deadly…you don’t want to mess around with ineffective and potentially dangerous prescriptions.

Here is some Scabies information you need to know that most other websites won't tell you.

"Scabies Facts You Need To Know"

You need to know what you’re dealing with so you can effectively eliminate Scabies from your life…forever!

At Selmedica Healthcare, we’ve spent countless hours dedicated to extensive Scabies research.

In fact, my team of researchers is always at the cutting-edge of the latest tests and studies on Scabies.

I am committed to always having the best of the best working for you. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For some time, doctors have suspected that Scabies might be resistant to the current treatments. But, they didn’t do anything about it…they just kept prescribing the same old, ineffective medications…with the same results: none!

Or, when the medications did seem to work, often there was a reinfestation that came back twice as bad!

Why would doctors keep prescribing medications that just don’t work ? It just makes no sense to all of us here at Selmedica Healthcare.

However, the results of recent studies reported by the Medical and Cancer Research Treatment Centre in India and the Menzies School of Health and Research suggest that Scabies can be helped by a combination of potent botanical ingredients that have been used in India and Australia to effectively treat this condition.

This is exciting news for our researchers because it means their theories on how to help people suffering from Scabies were right all along!

"Your Scabies Symptoms"

You need to be able to find out if what you have is really Scabies. Here's the best way to tell....

As you know, the list of Scabies symptoms is as frustrating as they are itchy.

I’m so sorry for your pain and constant scratching. Since I’ve been where you are, I know much of your struggle with many of the following symptoms:

Never-ending itching

That creepy-crawly sensation of things moving under your skin

Scratching so much that you develop painful skin sores

Blisters that are caused by an allergic reaction to the mites defecation under your skin and their decaying bodies of dead mites

Embarrassment because you feel dirty

Lack of sleep because you can’t stop scratching

For many of you, I know your suffering doesn’t end there. But, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms... everybody's next question is always...

"What Caused Your Scabies?"

As I said, you didn't do anything wrong and your Scabies is not your fault.

Many doctors want you to believe that YOU are responsible for your Scabies.

They’ll tell you it’s a result of things like not bathing enough or not washing your bedding often enough. In other words, they’re telling you that you have Scabies because you’re dirty

I’m here to tell you any doctor that tells you these things without doing a thorough examination to rule out Scabies is not doing their job properly.

You didn’t cause your Scabies. You are a victim of it. I’m here to change that for you.

Plain and simple, Scabies is caused by miniature mites that burrow into your skin. The most common form of Scabies is called “papular Scabies.”

Scabies can be transmitted from contact between:

humans to humans (or even from dogs to humans)

personal belongings such as clothes, towels, and sheets

even from furniture, like sitting on an infested couch!

So, I hope it’s obvious to you now that Scabies doesn’t have anything to do with being “dirty,” or a poor diet, or anything like that.

All you have to do is come in contact with an infected person and you can get Scabies.

It’s as simple as that, but treatment isn’t such a simple story.

Sadly, most doctors are still using harsh chemicals that don’t really work to treat your Scabies, and they have very little idea how to really cure you.

"Your Scabies Treatment or Remedy Options"

You have several options to treat your Scabies , but unfortunately , many of these options are ineffective, time-consuming, and end up being expensive because you have to use them again and again to even begin seeing any results.

And, more than that, some of the side effects that these options cause are even worse than the Scabies itself!

Let’s take a look at how Scabies has been traditionally treated, so you can know what’s available to help you.

As a first “treatment,” doctors will tell Scabies sufferers to wash their clothes and bedding. Believe it or not, this is good advice. All bedding and clothing should be washed in hot water and dried promptly.

For items that cannot be washed and dried, place them in plastic bags and seal air tight for a minimum of 48 hours.

BUT, these wash-your-clothing “prescriptions” only take care of your environment—like your home; they don’t actually do anything to help heal you.

More often than not, physicians will treat Scabies and its symptoms with harsh, skin-burning chemicals, including treatments that use “organo phosphates.” These toxic chemicals were used to create nerve gas!

Do you want to use a medication with ingredients that were used during wartime to actually hurt people? I didn’t think so!

And, believe it or not, you would think that, with the risk you take using these chemicals, they’d at least be effective, right? WRONG!

Many of these drugs only help you “manage” or live with the symptoms but don’t cure Scabies, and they come with their own host of serious side effects that are usually treated with…you guessed it: more prescriptions.

In addition, some drugs seem to work at first, but the second you stop using them, the itch comes back because…the mites have actually not been eliminated. That’s right; many forms of Scabies have actually become resistant to all modern treatments and keep breeding under your skin 24 hours a day!

What good is that? A harmful drug that doesn’t even actually do what it’s been designed to do. That’s not how a good remedy should work, is it?

With other many of these commonly prescribed drugs, the side effects are no less pleasant:

Nausea and vomiting
Breathing problems
Central nervous system damage
Aplastic anemia

With all the potentially harmful side effects and the high costs of medication, I know you’re wondering if there’s a better way, a safer, faster or more efficient way you can permanently deal with your Scabies.

What you really need is something to wipe out your Scabies, safely, quickly, and without harsh chemicals.

There just has to be a better way to help you, right?

"Finally, You Have A Real Answer, Dexoprin™"

"How Dexoprin™ is Different for You"

You only need five minutes and one simple solution for your Scabies and that solution is Dexoprin™.

A revolutionary new way of helping victims of Scabies, just like you!

Ingredients proven in numerous documented scientific international studies to help people suffering from symptoms associated with Scabies.

A proprietary blend of potent botanicals successfully used for decades to deal with the symptoms associated with Scabies.

There is no other available product in the world that matches the results of Dexoprin™.

In fact, its list of powerful ingredients has been documented as highly effective by international scientists, organizations, and medical journals.

That's because Dexoprin™ penetrates deeply to attack Scabies from the inside out.

This means that, unlike other Scabies medications, Dexoprin™ attacks your SCABIES from every direction.

It not only knocks out the Scabies that are already living under your skin, but it also kills the eggs, too—putting and end to the infestation and protecting your body from future infestations all in one!

Dexoprin™ was specially formulated to give your body what it needs to start getting better immediately!

It's amazing how this simple solution was overlooked for so long before it was brought to you.

"How Dexoprin™ Was Discovered"

You'll be shocked when you learn how and why Dexoprin™ was first made and used.

When our scientists at Selmedica Healthcare, began to research the problem, we discovered that there were countless THOUSANDS of Scabies sufferers whose condition was not responding to the "normal" drug treatments.

That's when we discovered the special formula that would later be used by countless Scabies suffers.

Originally, the ingredients that make up Dexoprin™ were used to deal with Scabies in rural and isolated locations in Australia and India.

In numerous studies by such notable organizations as the Menzies School of Health Research, the ingredients found in Dexoprin™ were found to kill the burrowing Scabies mites.

In fact, in a study of over 800 people in Nagercoil, India, the ingredients found in Dexoprin™ were shown to be 98% effective in wiping out Scabies!

In the medical world, those are amazing statistics…and its even more amazing that these treatments were developed in such remote places!

It’s easy to see how ingredients like these will work for you. Because it worked for them you can be confident it will work for you, guaranteed.

Selmedica Healthcare manufactures Dexoprin™ in a state-of-the-art facility under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices, or "G.M.P."

That means that Dexoprin™ is safe and effective. Dexoprin™ has successfully treated countless Scabies sufferers. Because it worked for them you know it will work for you—guaranteed!

"What Dexoprin™ Does For You"

You have to understand that the special blend of potent botanicals has been methodically tested and retested to make sure it provides the maximum benefits to people like you who are suffering needlessly from Scabies.

With its scientifically-tested combination of highly-effective ingredients, Dexoprin™ helps you take charge of your symptoms from day one.

Our researchers have worked long hours in the lab to produce the only remedy available today that has this power-packed combination of ingredients designed to help you:

Eliminate the endless itching

Give your body what it needs to knock out the Scabies from Day One

Stop the pain and sores

Escape the dangerous effects of so many prescription drugs

And, so much more!

At Selmedica Healthcare, it’s our job to put you and your health first and that's why you'll never find a solution like Dexoprin™ anywhere else in the world.

And, more than that, it’s my job to make sure that you are getting only the best care possible. I wouldn’t let a single bottle of Dexoprin™ leave our facilities unless I knew 100% that it would help you instantly and powerfully.

"How Fast Dexoprin™ Works For You"

You want it to work fast don't you…

If you’re like most people suffering from Scabies , you needed a solution yesterday. You want one that will work fast.

Waiting weeks and weeks for your prescriptions to take effect just isn’t going to cut it.

Dexoprin™’s proven 2-part system for relief is unique because it starts working immediately . Because it works from the inside out, getting to the cause of the issues, Dexoprin™ helps you to start taking control of your health with the very first dose.

"The Dexoprin™ Difference—2-Part System Makes All the Difference"

To experience the optimal results of Dexoprin™, you’ll take advantage of its 2-part system:

1. Daytime Topical Solution: You’ll apply the Dexoprin™ Topical Solution with a cotton swab directly to the affected area each day to start on your path to being itch-free instantly.

2. Nighttime Topical Solution: Before you go to sleep, you’ll apply another dose of Dexoprin™ Topical Solution to allow the power of Dexoprin™ to work for you even as you are sleeping!

And, what’s best, Dexoprin™ starts working immediately . No waiting. No fear of it not working. Immediate results for your peace of mind.

You really can't ask for more than that can you?

"Here is What Will Happen To You Using Dexoprin™"

The moment that you take your first dose of Dexoprin™, it goes to work immediately and you can begin imagining what it will feel like to be normal again…

Remember what it was like to feel itch-free and normal? Because you weren’t scratching all night long, you woke up in the morning feeling ready to meet the day. Dexoprin™ makes this all possible again…no itching and no sleepless nights!

Imagine what it would be like to be free of the sores, blisters, and hot spots from your constant scratching and reactions to harsh chemicals. With Dexoprin™ you’ll rediscover the joy of just being you—no sores, no pains…total good health, ready to meet any challenge and enjoy your life, one day at a time.

Can you picture what an entire day without any of your Scabies symptoms would feel like? Feels pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Now picture what a it would feel like to be free of your Scabies symptoms for a week, a month, a year…a lifetime…now you’re starting to see what Dexoprin™ can do for you.

Do you dream about living a life where you aren’t constantly feeling like you’re going to lose your mind with all the itching day in and day out? With Dexoprin™ you can turn that dream into a reality. Feel like yourself again, itch-free, and be able to start doing all the things you’ve had to put off for too long because you were too embarrassed to go out in public with your Scabies.

Dexoprin™ helps you get your life back…the way you want it…and it does it in just days. Stop imagining and let Dexoprin™ help you reclaim the life you deserve. You’re sure to feel like a whole new person!

"What The Experts Tell You About Dexoprin™"

You know we love our product but here you can see what everyone else thinks about it...

As you’ve already seen, medical, research, and scientific organizations all around the world have put their stamp of approval on the potent combination of ingredients found in Dexoprin™.

In fact, the research leading institutes in Europe, India, and Australia, have shown in multiple studies that the ingredients in Dexoprin™ have been proven time and time again to address the most common symptoms of Scabies.

And, more than that, Dexoprin™ has been shown to do so without the potentially damaging side effects of conventional medications and treatments.
Here's your proof positive that Dexoprin™ works!

You've probably heard the buzz by now...

One such international study found that an extremely effective component of Dexoprin™ actually helped those who were suffering from excessive sweating to reduce their sweating by as much as 50%!

Other botanical ingredients in Dexoprin™ help to neutralize offensive body odor caused by fungal and bacterial infections.

"You Need to Hear These Real Life Success Stories"

"I went to visit my cousins in MS and had a great time. But when I came back, I found out that I had scabies. At first, I was angry. I called my aunt and told her that they gave me scabies and she was just appalled. They had no idea they had it. They just thought it was some weird dry skin thing. I couldn’t deal with this so I looked online and found Dexoprin™. I used it and felt better in like a week. It was so good I ordered some and had it sent to them. My aunt called me just shocked telling me how great Dexoprin™ was. It was great. I am so glad I was able to help my family. Thanks Dexoprin™!”

Lyndsie Morgan
Nashville, TN


      "Dexoprin™ is a great product. Let me tell you my story. My little girl went over to her playmates house and her friend had an outdoor rabbit. Little did I know the girls played for hours with this rabbit? Well needless to say both girls came down with scabies shortly after. My daughters friend’s mother was just mortified, she felt like this meant they where a “dirty family”. I assured her this was not the case that I had researched it and anyone can get scabies especially if you have outdoor pets. While researching scabies I saw an ad for Dexoprin™. I bought enough to treat both girls. The Dexoprin™ kit arrived overnight and I took the other kit to my daughter’s friend. I treated both girls on the same day. Believe it or not by day 4 both girls quit scratching and by day 7 the scabies where no longer there. It worked quickly and I know my daughter’s friend’s mother was thrilled with such great results. Thank you so much."

Jenn Porter
Nisswa, MN


       "Dexoprin™ has worked so well for my family. I live out in the country and my boys who are into everything some how picked up scabies. I wanted something natural to treat the boys with so I went online to find out if there was anything out there. I noticed you have a money back guarantee so I knew I had nothing to lose. After receiving Dexoprin™ I treated my boys. It only took 6 days for the scabies to completely go away. I am truly amazed it worked so fast."

Vickie Johnson
Battle Creek, IA


        "Never have I ordered anything offline. I always thought people that sold stuff online were just panhandlers. I figured they didn’t really have stock or inventory. I was so afraid I was gonna get ripped off or have my identity stolen. By the time I got to the Dexoprin™ site, I was so desperate for a cure I was ready for anything! I hated to do it, but I ordered it online and it was pretty much painless. I got Dexoprin™, it was amazing (much to my surprise) and so far, I haven’t had my identity or financial information stolen. I probably won’t go online to order much else, but if I need something Selmedica offers, I will definitely order from them. Thanks for the Dexoprin™, yall are a great company. "

Bill Kelly
Overland Park, KS


"I am not a dirty person, so I was absolutely shocked when I realized the itchy spots and bumps I had were scabies. That was so gross to me. I ordered Dexoprin™ as soon as I found it and I just prayed it would work quickly. I felt better in a couple of days, but I’m sorry, as wonderful as it is, I cannot tell my friends I had scabies. But if you do have scabies, this stuff really works!"

Susan Usry
Tripp, SD


"I got scabies after my boyfriend had it. Who knows where he got it. I scratched my skin raw. I tried the creams the doctor gave me but they did not seem to help. My boyfriend was still scratching too. I thought we were going to go on forever this way. After looking online I saw Dexoprin™. I ordered it. It was delivered so quickly. I treated myself and my boyfriend. I was amazed how fast the scabies where gone. By the end of the week I was no longer scratching and neither was my boyfriend. It worked great for us. "

John Stark
Galena, IL

"You Have Nothing To Lose With
Our 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee"

I will personally guarantee your success. If you'll make an honest effort to use Dexoprin™ as directed for a full cycle, we are so sure that you will be 100% happy with the results that we are willing to back it up!

That's right, if you don't see results, Selmedica Healthcare will refund your money, it's just that simple.

Actually, you get DOUBLE protection. Here's how: At any time during the 12 months, if you sincerely feel that Selmedica Healthcare fell short in any way on delivering everything that was promised, we'll be happy to give you a refund, directly from our account.

Even if it's on the last day of the twelfth month! All we ever ask is that you give Dexoprin™ an honest try. Fair Enough?

"Commonly Asked Questions"

Question: How does Dexoprin™ help?
The ingredients in Dexoprin™ are absorbed into your skin to kill the scabies mites and their eggs. They also soothe the irritation caused by scabies mites. These ingredients are so powerful that they not only eliminate scabies, but they prevent future infestation, as well.

Question: How much Dexoprin™ do I have to use and how long do I have to use it?
For optimal results with Dexoprin™, apply the Daytime Topical to the affected area at least three times per day and the Nighttime Topical once each night, or as set by a healthcare practitioner. You may use Dexoprin™ as needed to eliminate your scabies symptoms. Most see a dramatic improvement within 24 hours, but it may take as long as a week to completely eradicate scabies mites.

Question: How do I get rid of scabies mites in my clothing or bedding?
Scabies mites depend on a human host to live and without one, most die within 48-72 hours. For clothing and bedding that can be washed, use hot water and dry promptly. For other items, seal in an air-tight plastic bag for a minimum of 48 hours.

Question: I am pregnant/nursing. Can I use Dexoprin™?
Answer: No. Do not use Dexoprin™ if you are pregnant or nursing as there has been little research done as to the affects of the ingredients in Dexoprin™ on women who are pregnant or nursing. Therefore, we suggest you wait until you are no longer nursing to begin taking Dexoprin™.

Question: Can I use Dexoprin™ with other medications?
Selmedica, Inc. cannot and will not recommend anyone to take Dexoprin™ or any other supplement along with any other medication without first consulting your doctor. If you wish to order dietary supplements from us without consulting your doctor, and you are taking any medication, than please be advised you are proceeding at your own risk.

Question: What if Dexoprin™ doesn't work for me?
Answer:  Dexoprin™ has worked for over 46,000 people, it CAN work for you or we take all the risk. If for any reason within a full year you feel like our product did not meet 100% of your expectations, simply return it for a refund.  Even up to the last day of the 12th month, period.

Question: I would like to try Dexoprin™, but I don't feel comfortable ordering online. What can I do?
Answer: Call us at 800.805.1592 24 hours a day, to make other purchase arrangements. You can also print our FAX or mail-in order form below.

Question: Is Dexoprin™ shipped discreetly? 
Answer:YES, Dexoprin™ is shipped in an unmarked box with no branding or hint of its contents addressed from Selmedica Healthcare Corp.

"What's In Dexoprin™?"

Dexoprin™ Daytime
Dexoprin™ Nighttime

"About The Company"

  Selmedica Healthcare manufactures every product that we sellSelmedica Healthcare manufactures every product that we sell in our own state of the art facility under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices, or "G.M.P." Before you buy any dietary supplement, always ask whether it was manufactured under FDA Standards. in our own state of the art facility under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices, or "G.M.P." Before you buy any dietary supplement, always ask whether it was manufactured under FDA Standards.

Selmedica Healthcare products are neither approved nor disapproved by the FDA. At this time the food and drug administration does not review, approve or disapprove any dietary supplement itself. Statements about Dexoprin™ made here have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Dexoprin™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"Our "Iron Clad" Risk Free Guarantee"

Selmedica Healthcare will personally guarantee your success. If you'll make a diligent effort to use Dexoprin™ as directed for a full cycle, we are so sure that you will be 100% happy with the results; we are willing to back it up!

That's right, if you don't see results, Selmedica Healthcare will refund your money, it's just that simple. Actually, you get DOUBLE protection.

Here's how: At any time during the 12 months, if you sincerely feel Selmedica Healthcare fell short in any way on delivering everything that was promised, we'll be happy to give you a refund, directly from our account. Even if it's on the last day of the twelfth month!

All we ever ask is that you give Dexoprin™ an honest try. Fair Enough?

P.S. Dexoprin™ is currently available without a prescription. However due to pending regulation of this industry the US FDA may soon classify Dexoprin™ a drug, which would force us to raise our prices considerably.

Dexoprin™ would then be available only through a physician (with a prescription), or possibly not at all. Due to these facts the availability of Dexoprin™ may become limited at any time.

Prices stated on this website are subject to change without notice. Order today to avoid disappointment! Thank You

"So, Are You Ready to Get Started?"

I know by now if you are really seScabies problem you want to know you to get your hands on Dexoprin™, so I am pleased to offer you this great product at an amazing value just for the next couple of days so don't wait.

Here's you need to do...

Order Your Dexoprin Now!

Order Securly Online
Order by Phone
Order by FAX

To order Online , Have your credit card ready and click on the offer below that best fits your needs...

Buy Two Dexoprin™ Kits and Get One FREE! Our "Family Pack"
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